International Scientific Conference CIBv2018

               INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE „CIBv 2018”               
               will be held on November 2nd and 3rd, 2018               
               at the Faculty of Civil Engineering “Atanasie Talpoși” Amphitheater 
               Tunului street no.5, Brasov
               GENERAL INFORMATION             
                        - The official language of the session is English;               
                        - Only original papers (not previously published) are accepted;             
                        - The papers will be published in Proceedings Volume and indexed BDI (International DataBase);             
                        - Authors are requested to send the papers to the conference e‐mail addresses : 
                                    – for civil engineering
                                    – for building services
                       - The papers may be presented in the working sections or in poster form;             
                       - The participation fee for each participant is 200 lei (45 Euro) for each paper in
                           the proceedings paperback;             
                       - The publication of the papers is conditioned by the payment of the participation fee;             
                       - One participant may present maximum two papers as first author. One paper should
                          notexceed 8 pages (an even number of pages is compulsorily).

              Paper template (.docx)

Programul CIBv2018